Community volunteers read to Primary Center students

First Posted: 4/27/2008

Community business and professional volunteers read aloud to students at the Primary Center on Wednesday, April 23. This event marked the 12th Annual Community Reading Day sponsored by the Greater Pittston Chamber of Commerce. The readers left a book for each classroom library. Pictured are volunteer readers and representatives from first and second grade classes.
Pictured at left, first row left to right: Kaylee Copp, Bryan Giambra, Sydney Fetchen McNulty, Lauren Farrell, Jean Morreale, Nicole Bonczek. Second row left to right: Damian Columb, Grace McDonald, Kiersten Grieco, Nicholas Gallagher, Anthony Gorey, Third row left to right: Sandy Cann, Jennifer Haas, Maria C. Montante, Kim Wysokinski, Gary Woiczak. Fourth row left to right: Antoinette Terrana, Nancy Dessoye, Jackie Musto Carroll, Graceanne Platukus, Dawn Cebula, Primary Center Principal, Terri McAndrew.
Picture at right, first row left to right: Dominic Cerreta, Michael Coyle, Shelby Concert, Alyssa DeLeo, Matt Costello. Second row left to right: Nina Cencetti, Tyler Collins, Zachary Bryk, Rachel Corwin, Donovan Gaffney. Third row left to right: Kerry VanLuvender, Gale Hall, Nina Menichelli, Patricia Amendola, Michelle Piazza, Lois Donato, Fourth row left to right: Mrs. McAndrew, Principal, Sheri Lewis, Tayna Stefenack, Lonell Tomaine, Jenn Tomaine, Jim Mundy, Joe Boylan, Valerie Rodgers, Rosemary Dessoye.

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