Inkerman Lithuanian Club calls for officer nominees

First Posted: 11/9/2008

All regular members of the Lithuanian Club, 2 Winter Street, Inkerman, are requested attend the meeting on Tuesday, November 11 at 7:30 p.m. in order to see if any more people would like to run for office and talk to the candidates.
The club is asking all regular members to come to the meeting on December 9 to vote.
You must have your recent 2008 membership card to receive a voting ballot; without your card, you will not be allowed to vote.
Voting starts at 7:30 p.m. Then the regular meeting will begin after the votes are counted.
Your vote can make great changes for all regular/social members.
Nominations are as follows: President, Jan Gubbiotti and Randy Herron; Vice President, Lorrie Fritz and Betty Herron; Treasurer, Tony Remus (unopposed); Financial Secretary, Michele Halczak and Charlie Perrin; Recording Secretary, Bob Kozek (unopposed); Board of Directors, Lorrie Fritz, Jim Gubbiotti, Charlie Perrin, Pete Corby, Denise Cooper, Ed Herron, Ken Michaels, Jan Kovac, Linda Kovac.
You will only be able to vote for seven or less.
Steward, Bonnie Brodosky (nominated), Brigitte Gawelko (re-running); Auditor, Charlie Sovan Jr (unopposed); Sergeant of Arms, Whitey Remus (nominated).
The club is looking for all members to attend and do their duty as a regular member; if not, drop to a social member to enable someone else to vote. For further information, please contact 655-3796.

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