School Bank Program to debut at Wyoming Area

First Posted: 11/9/2008

The Wyoming Area School District will launch a program to introduce 7th and 8th grade students to the basics of banking and savings.
Offered in conjunction with PNC Bank, the School Bank Program is an in-school initiative designed to encourage students to save in a real savings account, and gain hands-on experience with using bank accounts and the banking system.
Under the supervision of school staff, student tellers will handle small cash and check deposits from fellow students, and follow standard bank procedures including providing receipts. Some features of the program include free PNC Bank minor savings accounts for each participating student, regularly scheduled savings days prizes and giveaways provided by PNC.
In the process, students are expected to improve their math skills as they track their savings and calculate interest earned. Other benefits include the opportunity for students to establish their first bank account and develop money management and investing skills via optional financial literacy workshops.
The Midway Office of PNC Bank at 1000 Wyoming Avenue will assist the school by setting up the program and training the student tellers.
For additional information, please contact: Wyoming Area guidance counselor, Andrew Rabel at 655-2836, ext. 2338.

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