Verizon Pioneers visit SS Peter & Paul School

First Posted: 11/23/2008

The Verizon Pioneers recently paid a visit to the third and fourth grade students of SS Peter and Paul School, Plains to distribute dictionaries to each student and to present the school with an interactive United States map.
Pictured left to right, first row: Aidan Barney, Elizabeth Kolojejchick, John Morris, Nancy Zheng, Erika Serafin and Emily Kaluzny.
Second row: Amanda Tulanowski, Robert Stanski, Mitchell Warnick, Stephen Olsen, Samantha Rajza, Dennis Harrison.
Third row: Rachael Cochran, Sarah Cragle, Francis Wright, Matthew Hine, Bryce Yancha, James Cunningham. Fourth row: Paulinette Tippins, President of Verizon Pioneers; Audrey Oakschunas; Ryan Potorski; Taylor Chronowski; Ryan Januszko; Nancy Coach, Education Chairman.

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