Yeager Family thanks Officer Evans for saving pet

First Posted: 5/25/2008

My name is Daniel Yeager, my family and I used to live at 6 Rock Street in Hughestown. On Tuesday, May 6, there was a fire that destroyed our home. Our family was not at home at the time, only contractors who were replacing the roof. The contractors discovered the fire in our attic, called 911, then got our pets out of the house.
Unfortunately, as my daughter was arriving home from school, she saw our 4 year old black lab dog run back into the house. Almost immediately after the call was placed to 911, Hughestown Boro Police Officer Robert Evans arrived. Officer Evans heard that our dog had run back into the house. The house was fully involved with fire at this time. Officer Evans did not hesitate to respond. He grabbed the leash from his K9 dog and went into our house. Officer Evans diligently checked our house which he had never been into prior, found our dog hiding under a bed, leashed her and rescued her from the fire.
While we would like to take this opportunity to thank the almost 100 people who responded to our tragedy that day, we certainly feel that without Officer Evans heroic efforts, our pet would have surely perished.
We lost so many things that day and have only salvaged a few trinkets, but thanks to Officer Evans, we did not have to endure the loss of a family pet.

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