Guest Readers at Primary Center

First Posted: 4/20/2008

Wachovia Bank employees volunteered to read aloud to students at the Primary Center on Wednesday, April 9. Wachovia Bank purchased books for each classroom library. Mrs. Marilyn Starna, V.P., Senior Financial Center Manager of Wachovia Pittston Office, and Ms. Cathy Gift, Wachovia Pittston Office, coordinated the activity. Pictured are the Wachovia Bank volunteer readers, Primary Center Staff, and students representatives from first and second grade.
First row left to right: Brianna Danaher, Kiersten Best, Emily Cherkauskas, Nathan Dovman, Ryanna Hickey, John Cebula, Theresa Blake, Michael Coe, Evan Federici. Second row: James Dillon, Anthony DelConte, Ben Cebula, Julia Emmett, Tianna Brennan, Seryna Cleveland, Peter Fox, Nina Cirelli, Ellaina Bonomo, Morgen Fisher, Amber Carnell, Emily.
Third row: Deborah Cragle, Pat Blahnik, Marilyn Starna, Cheryl Wallitsch, Shoua Na Yang, Bernie Stelma, John May, Darryl Shurgin, Cathy Gift, Clancy Boylan. Fourth row: Mary Narvid, Mrs. Joyce, Faculty, Mrs. Rava, Faculty, Mrs. McAndrew, Principal.

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