Judge Pierantoni addresses four senior classes at Pittston Area

First Posted: 12/28/2008

Magisterial District Judge Fred A. Pierantoni, III, recently addressed four classes of Pittston Area Seniors under the instruction of Mr. Sal Carroll. The address included the workings of the criminal justice system and Pennsylvania Courts.
Pictured above are District Judge Pierantoni and members of the senior class.

, daughter of Richard and Kimberly Booney, was born on August 8,1991 and resides in Duryea. She can usually be seen hanging out with her friends Raina Ryzner, Sam Anderson, Kyala Fuller, Sarah Prandy, and Fredrica Coyne. Even though she had many very memorable moments in high school, she still looks forward to going to college and making new memories.

, daughter of Karolynn and Doug Rowan, was born on March 14,1991 and resides in Pittston. You can usually find her cheering or hanging out with her friends Kayleigh Lane and Amanda Tracy. She enjoys eating ice cream while watching her favorite movie Step Up 2, or listening to Trapt and Papa Roach. The most challenging part of her crazy high school years was waking up every morning, but as hard as it was for her she still did it everyday.

, son of Linda and Mickey Castillo, was born on January 12, 1990 and resides in Pittston. You can usually find him hanging out with his friends Adam Figz, Jimmy White, and Manly Wert, playing his drums, or driving around in his jeep. You will also find him watching his favorite movie Pineapple Express, while eating fajitas and listening to music. The most challenging part of high school for Justin was keeping his grades up and not slacking off. After graduation he plans on vacationing with his friends and planning for the college years he has ahead of himself, but he looks forward to being very successful and pursuing his dreams of becoming a professional music producer.

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