Anti-reassessment rally on Monday at courthouse

First Posted: 8/17/2008

A group of concerned tax-payers from Luzerne County will be conducting a rally to protest the current re-assessment done by 21st Century Appraisals Co. on Monday, August 18, at 1 p.m. on the courthouse lawn.
The group invites all county residents to participate, whether you are satisfied with your re-assessment or not. They say your presence and support would be beneficial for property owners who have not been able to settle the many discrepancies that exist in this new re-assessment process.
The group requests the county commissioners to extend the deadline for informal and formal appeals for about three more months to give everyone ample time to correct the many problems that people are facing. This group said they are very committed to getting the re-assessment done right. .
Petitions will be available to request the County for an extension on appeals filings.

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