Kathio helps at SPCA

First Posted: 6/1/2008

Low cost Rabies and Microchip clinic held at SPCA of Luzerne County on April 19. Rabies is a fatal disease and also communicable between animals and man. It is also a law to have dogs vaccinated for rabies. Microchip is a grain like object that is inserted under the skin. This chip has a number by which animals can be traced to its owner, in case if the animal is lost. This chip is injected and takes only two seconds to do so. No anesthesia is required. 160 pets were vaccinated for rabies and 30 dogs were injected with membership. Dr. I.H. Kathio provided free service for community.
Pictured is dogs Star and Diva, owned by Mandy Boyko and Dr. I.H. Kathio of Pittston Animal Hospital.

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