He means business

First Posted: 9/28/2008

In all his years of serving in the state legislature, either as a representative or a senator, Sen. Ray Musto has kept his nose out of the government and the politics of the municipality in which he has lived his entire life, Pittston Township.
Until now.
On the facing page, Sen. Musto has written an opinion piece about the dispute in Pittston Township between the board of supervisors and the volunteer fire department. The bad blood between these two groups has gotten so out of hand that the supervisors recently announced at a public meeting that they are shopping around for alternative fire protection.
This is ridiculous.
The Pittston Township Volunteer Fire Department has a long history of exemplary service and is taking measures to get even better at protecting the homes and ever growing industrial component of the vast township. And they have worked diligently to be self-supporting.
At the same time, as Sen. Musto points out, they too must make an effort to resolve the dispute.
Musto calls for both parties to bury the hatchet and move forward for the good of the township. They would do well to listen to him.

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