Adolescent Group program back at WA

First Posted: 3/23/2008

Cathy Ranieli, Wyoming Area assistant principal, is pleased to announce an Adolescent Group program is back at the Secondary Center. The Adolescent Group program developed by Dr. Fred J. Kreig, a well-known adolescent psychologist, introduced group to Wyoming Area 1996.
Teacher/advisors have been trained in the Kreig method of group leadership and supervision currently involving seventh and eighth grade students in the program. The aim of this program is to help students enhance their self-esteem, improve interpersonal skills, and learn self-responsibility. Students are selected on qualities they have that could contribute to the effectiveness of the total program.
Students attend group weekly during a regularly scheduled class period for the entire year. Although there are no planned activities during group, advisors provide structure to the two groups. Students are encouraged to focus on thoughts and feelings, troublesome life circumstances, and other concerns. Within the confidential setting, students have an opportunity to discuss problems and social issues not appropriately aired in a classroom.
Topics originated by members have included academic pressures, peer pressures, peer relationships, substance abuse, divorce, death, family concerns, goals and aspirations. During group sessions, members learn how to give and receive honest feedback. They realize that they are not alone in their particular feelings or circumstances. Also, they learn the effect and impact of personal behavior from peers rather than adults.
The program has been well received by the students who have participated over the last twelve years that was initiated by Mrs. Ranieli.
Pictured, kneeling, right to left: Karlie Klocko, Kelsey Kovaleski, Samantha Shiner, Jordan Gruttadauria, Brittany Bender.
Standing: Mrs. McAndrew, Ahmed Bouie, Zac Barnes, Brandon Cellini, NIck Bartoli, Steve DeNardi, Mrs. Kleback.

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