Library director asks for support of campaign

First Posted: 4/20/2008

Dear Greater Pittston Community,
Throughout the year we strive to provide the very best library service to residents of all ages. We also try to provide these services in a way that stretches valuable tax dollars and precious donations by our library supporters.
In 2007 the duality of budget constraints and increased public demand for library services certainly challenged our mission. Through the outstanding support of the community and the contributions of so many generous patrons, the dedication to the mission and service by the Library Board of Directors, and the extraordinary work of our enthusiastic, competent staff, we were able to continue serving as a cultural and community center and offer the excellent service that the Pittston Memorial Library is known for in the community.
The year 2008 is bright for us. We will be implementing new programs, improving our services and making building improvements. But none of this can be done without your help.
That is why I am requesting your support to our annual campaign fund. Your donations support the many services and resources the library offers. It also provides the Library as a place for someone to study, share a book with their child or grandchild, write a resume, plan a trip or just to relax and read the newspaper. Any donation no matter the amount will make a mark and impact the Library for years to come.

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