Five WAC students excel in science competition

First Posted: 3/12/2013

Five eighth-grade students from Wyoming Area Catholic participated in the 52nd Regional Meeting of the Pennsylvania Junior Academy of Science Region 2 at King’s College on March 2.

Wyoming Area Catholic School one was of 41 schools throughout Northeastern Pennsylvania that participated in this annual event.

Winners were James Kosik (Research Project: Biology – Effects of Caffeine on Heart Rate During Exercise – second place);, Brenna Satkowski, (Research Project: Chemistry – An Absorbing Issue: Which Paper Towel Brand Works the Best? – second place), Molly Holmes, (Research Project: Chemsitry – The Amount of Preservatives in McDonald’s French Fries – second place), Marissa Moran, (Research Project: BioChemistry – Which Plant Fertilizer Works the Best? – first place); and Timothy Murphy, (Research Project: Physics – How Does a Hockey Stick Flex and Curve Affect the Shot? second place).

Marissa Moran will attend the state finals in May at Penn State University in State College.

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