Greater Pittston residents graduate from LCCC

First Posted: 5/23/2013

More than 850 students received their degrees from Luzerne County Community College at the 45th annual commencement ceremony on Thursday, May 23 at the Mohegan Sun Arena.

Students from the Greater Pittston area who received degrees are:

Associate in Applied Science

Leah Albano, West Pittston; Shawn Allison, Wyoming; Bryon Aspenlieder, Pittston; Joelle Bauman, Wyoming; Kayla Bucci, West Wyoming; Michael Chinikaylo, Wyoming; Alan Clampitt-Holsenbeck, Pittston; April Clark, Pittston; Brittney Cristiano, Exeter; Ryan Curtis, Dupont; Thomas Darby, West Pittston; Amber Davis, Wyoming; Ashley Davis, Wyoming; Jesse Dickson, Avoca; Brianne Dunn, Pittston.

Also, Jillian Falkowski, Pittston; Matthew Flynn, Exeter; Patrick Flynn, Exeter; Thomas Gershey, Pittston Township; Marcus Grudzinski, Pittston; Wendy Guzenski, Wyoming; Daniel Herchenroeder, Pittston; Carol Hill, Wyoming; Holly Hochreiter, Laflin; Justin Hughes, Pittston; Christopher Jones, Duryea.

Also, Joseph Kasper, West Pittston; Carl Kiwak, Exeter; Michelle Llewellyn, Wyoming; Casey Lucas, West Pittston; Mark Madrak, Dupont; Jeanine Manta, Exeter; Jeffry Marstell, Pittston; Sean Marstell, Exeter; Ashley McAndrew, Duryea; Matthew McAndrew, Avoca; Grace McNeil, Exeter; Michele Mikkelsen, Exeter; Kristin Nardone, Exeter.

Also, Maryanne Quick, Hughestown; Mia Rinaldi, Pittston Township; Louis Scarantino, Old Forge; Kimberly Selig, Duryea; Tara Skutack, Pittston; Deanna Spak, Yatesville; Nicole Stachyra, Exeter; Joseph Traglia, Pittston; Christopher Twardowski, Pittston; Todd Updike, Old Forge.

Also, Joe Valenti, West Pittston; Lori Ann Wasik, Duryea; Paul Watson, West Pittston; Crystal Williams, Pittston; Justin Williams, Duryea; Mark Williams, West Pittston; Breann Woss, West Wyoming; Andrew Yakobitis, West Pittston; Melissa Yuschovitz, Pittston; and Terri Zezza, Exeter.

Associate in Science

Ryan Bauman, Pittston; Rainy Boyle, Pittston; Patrick Callahan, Avoca; Ryan Carpinet, Wyoming; Jennifer Colarusso, Pittston; Mariah Curtis, Dupont; Micheal Dantone, Hughestown; Dawn Gilliland, Pittston; Michelle Gitkos, West Pittston; Kenneth Herron, Duryea; Nadine Hooker, Pittston; James Hopkins, Wyoming.

Also, Ryan Joyce, Avoca; Thomas Koval, Pittston; Jeffrey Kramer, Duryea; Nicole Marsh, Pittston; Daniel Nawrocki, Exeter; Jeffrey Peters, Pittston; Christopher Tigue, West Wyoming; and Patrick Verrastro, West Wyoming.

Certificate of Specialization

Joshua Grudzinski, Pittston; Laura Herron, West Pittston; John Jurosky, Old Forge; Eileen Lampman, Avoca; Milissa McGuirk, Wyoming; Christina Musto, Pittston Township; Jennifer Peters, Pittston; and Kendra Yakobitis, Pittston.


Jeanine Manta, Exeter.

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