Pittston Twp. resident pens Thanksgiving poem


    The History of Thanksgiving

    Holidays are all around us,

    from the very moment we are born.

    Yet the Indians, those unique tribes,

    taught our Pilgrims how to plant corn.

    Yes, among religious beliefs,

    among family traditions,

    having relatives and friends home for the Thanksgiving feast

    is the first step to welcomed additions.

    Mom preparing the bountiful dinner,

    our Thanksgiving parade.

    The tree with Autumn-colored leaves

    throwing us an abundance of shade!

    Reclining at the dinner table

    meditating, saying grace

    just a few important things

    which cause a family-warmed embrace.

    Cranberry sauce, mashed potatoes,

    stuffing, pumpkin pie,

    they all join the turkey in a bountiful harvest

    we cannot deny!

    So be thankful this Thanksgiving Day

    never give up on praying,

    because this tradition we are talking about

    is a tradition that is staying.

    Grandparents, parents, brothers, sisters, spouses,

    all running from their churches to their houses.

    May God bless you for this beautiful time

    of sharing, giving, and the faith we are living

    And most of all God, thank you for a blessed history

    “The history of Thanksgiving.”

    Michael J. English

    Pittston Township

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