Pittston Twp. man pens Easter poem


    The Easter Egg, Chick and Easter Bunny

    Did you ever notice how decorative an egg looks after it is dyed?

    Did you ever discover an Easter chick so beautifully yellow and wide?

    How about on an Easter day so sunny, discovering a floppy-eared Easter bunny?

    Materialized symbols these all are, of a blessed holiday season

    which is enjoyed from afar.

    We hunt for the Easter eggs as children,

    We take home a delicious or a pastel-colored prize.

    Yes, how unique it would be to see a beautiful fluffy chickadee

    hatch right before our very eyes.

    The Easter bunny delivers to children the beautiful Easter eggs.

    Now as adults we realize

    that when we were all children

    we did nothing but fantasize.

    We have been blessed from the start of Lent until now

    with the ultimate imagination our minds allow.

    Because just as the bear will beg for the lick of some honey,

    so lives on our child-like friendship with the Easter egg,

    the chick and the Easter bunny.

    Mike English

    Pittston Township

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