Yatesville resident writes poem on the ability to see


    To See

    What do you visualize when one wakes up?

    Do you wake up with vim and vigor before reaching for a cup?

    Are you slow and methodical while taking it easy,

    and need to have that coffee, with temps outside that’s mild and breezy?

    It all depends on our surroundings and state of mine,

    in one’s job or travels, will he or she meet someone kind?

    As a person looks around, sometimes there are things to do,

    like gazing in a mirror, and grabbing for a show.

    Some mornings are hectic, which could be part of the norm,

    and venturing outside seeing a potential snow storm.

    Each person has their own thoughts and personalities for sure,

    we should respect that, and their good qualities, so pure.

    Sometimes we visualize a sea of tranquility,

    and thoughts of being o a beach, and a world of civility.

    People say that seeing is believing,

    and it could happen someday, which would be so relieving.

    There is beauty in every surrounding, just take a good look,

    maybe it’s a sunrise, the right clouds, or just a tiny brook?

    There are a lot of desires, wants, and nice things to be seen,

    just take the time to notice them, our country is so pristine.

    Ronald Voveris


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