Pittston Area High School announces homeroom assignments for 2016-17 school year

For Sunday Dispatch

YATESVILLE — John Haas, Ed.D., principal of the Pittston Area High School, announces the homeroom assignments for the year 2016–2017 school year.


Teacher: Room, Students

Mr. Anthony: C-08, Ada to Boc

Mr. T. Joyce: C-09, Boo to Cox

Mrs. Vincelli: C-11, Coy to Gal

Mrs. Plis: C-12 Gar, to Huf

Mr. Kupetz: C-13, Huy to Lud

Mrs. Cocco: C-14, Lyn to Mor

Mr. L. Hazlet: C-15, Mor to Pri

Mrs. Miller: C-17, Qua to Wal

Mr. Russick: C-18, Smi to Wal

Ms. McAndrew: C-21, Wal to Zyd


Teacher: Room, Students

Ms. Valeski: B-05, Ale to Bry

Mrs. Kobierecki: B-04, But to DeM

Mrs. Keren: B-03, Den to Gui

Mrs. Distasio: B-02, Gul to Kel

Mr. J. Walsh: B-01, Kip to McA

Mrs. Davis: C-02, McA to Now

Mrs. Kelly: C-04, O’Br to Rob

Ms. Morgan: C-03, Rom to Sle

Mrs. Sutton: C-06, Smi to Tri

Mrs. Bauman: C-07, Tyl to Zhe


Teacher: Room, Students

Mrs.Gardner: A-15, Ale to Car

Mr. Barbieri: A-18, Car to Dou

Ms. L. Joyce: A-19, Dov to Gri

Mrs. Getrige: B-17, Gro to Kli

Mrs. Turner: B-15, Kli to Mar

Mrs. Saunders: B-13, Mas to Mur

Ms. Rugletic: B-11, Mur to Rom

Mr. Victor: B-10, Ros to Sud

Mr. Carroll: B-08, Sup to Zel


Teacher: Room, Students

Mr. Zangardi, A-21: All to Win


Teacher: Room, Students

Mrs. Collins: A-01, Amb to Bul

Mr. Hopkins: A-02, But to Dem

Mrs. Mazar: A-03, Des to Gar

Mrs. A. Hazlet: A-04, Gen to Hof

Mrs. Carmody: A-05, Hol to Maa

Mrs. Verdine: A-07, Man to Nor

Mrs. Zurek: A-10, O’Bo to Ree

Mr. Amitia: A-11, Rem to Sha

Mrs. Adams: A-13, Sil to Urb

Mrs. Greenwald A-14 Val to Zub


For Sunday Dispatch

Information provided by Pittston Area High School.

Information provided by Pittston Area High School.

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