Yatesville resident Ronald Voveris pens poem about Pearl Harbor

Pearl Harbor, Dec. 7

A day of madness and sorrow,

with so much destruction, it was if there was no tomorrow.

Some people still carry its scars,

even now as they drive their cars.

Remembering the events far back in time,

when Japan bombed a paradise, that was indeed a crime.

We retaliated and won the war,

but look at the lives lost, and the count did soar.

No one really wins in the moments of madness,

because the results are always the same, too much sadness.

It would be nice to see tranquility and peace,

from that moment forward in time, and wars forever to cease.

Dec. 7, will forever be,

a frozen event of terror, all part of United States history.

Ronald Voveris


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