Yatesville resident pens poem about new friend


    Ol’ Beady Eyes

    There it was all black and shiny,

    with a touch of dirt making its skin somewhat grimy.

    He lay very still and didn’t make a sound,

    and appeared to look almost round.

    Upon a closer look he moved an eye,

    had no wings so I knew it couldn’t fly.

    He looked at me kind of strange,

    and I wondered, “What was his range?”

    There were fours legs that were very short,

    could be run fast as me, that would be a sport.

    I’m really a little tyke,

    who rides a little bike.

    Still and all I like this creature,

    because today he is the main feature.

    He’s finally on his four feet,

    and has a good heart beat.

    It stays put in my hand,

    and it looks quite grand.

    I now have a new friend indeed,

    and keep him in my pocket until it’s time for him to feed.

    I wonder what kind of insect it is, guess I’ll ask my mom,

    She names me the curious one, oh not again Ron.

    She said it was a salamander, that is for sure,

    how did it come into our house or through a sewer.

    Who cares, he’s my friend to the end.

    Ronald Voveris


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