Letter to the Editor: Bob Trusavage deserving of seat on Wyoming Area School Board


    I am supporting Bob Trusavage for Wyoming Area School Board.

    I am supporting him because I believe he is a good and honest businessman. This is what our school board needs to get out

    from under $32 million of debt.

    I have watched him question members of the past and present school boards for the last 10 years. He has tried to help them, giving many suggestions to save money as well as to raise money; however, they just do as they please. Look at your school tax bills and tell me if any of the other past or present board members did anything to help the taxpayers.

    Bob has donated many times to Exeter and West Pittston boroughs and never expects anything in return, and he has no family members or friends who need jobs.

    Two years ago he donated 2,000 notebooks and 2,000 pencils so the teachers did not have to spend their own money to help the kids who cannot afford them. I think we need more kind businessmen like this running our towns and schools.

    Look at the position all these so-called politicians have put us in. Ask yourself, are you better off now, like they all promised you would be.

    It is time we bring a businessman to the board. Please believe me: If you vote for anyone else, you’re voting to raise your own taxes. So I ask you to support Bob.

    Joe McCabe


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