Letter to the Editor: Roadside debris in Luzerne County is an embarrassment; call for action


    Are you appalled by the amount of garbage on the sides of our roads in Luzerne County?

    The Cross-Valley Expressway is filled with garbage, especially at the on/off ramps. There are piles of garbage clogging the storm sewers on these ramps. Recently there was a box spring on the Cross-Valley. How did it get so bad?

    The Pennsylvania Department of Transportation is responsible for cleaning our state roads, but they haven’t been keeping after it. I’m embarrassed to entertain out-of-state friends and relatives because of the garbage on our roads.

    Does anyone else share my concern?

    If so, please call PennDOT of Luzerne County at 570-826-2386. Also, call state Sen. Lisa Baker’s district office at 570-675-3931. Sen. Baker is responsible for influencing state funding.

    Maybe if they hear from enough people they will expedite the garbage pickup and do a better job keeping up with it.

    Alyssa Maria


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