Letter to the Editor: UNICO grateful for support of football fundraiser that netted $35,000 for charity


    The Wilkes-Barre Chapter of UNICO is pleased to report that as a result of its successful 2015 UNICO Charity All-Star Football Game, it has raised in excess of $35,000 that will be given to local charities at its annual Brian Piccolo Award Dinner held in the spring.

    UNICO thanks Anzalone Law Offices, which served as a general sponsor of the game enabling 100 percent of the proceeds raised from all of the sponsors who generously contributed to the game to go directly to charity.

    UNICO would like to especially thank Wyoming Area High School, whose officials graciously provided its beautiful stadium to host the playing of the game, as well as Mr. Ron Foy, who announced the game, George Miller, who operated the game clock, and Barry Finn, who operated the play clock. UNICO also thanks Joseph Pisano, athletic director of Wyoming Area, for all of the time and effort that he gave into making sure all of the particulars were provided for, which would include Exeter Ambulance as well as the West Pittston police. UNICO especially thanks our team of Wyoming Valley officials who annually donate their time.

    UNICO also thanks the Wyoming Valley coaches for their cooperation and in particular, coach Scott Dennis, who successfully coached the Pioneers to a victory, and coach Mike McCree, who coached the Miners team.

    UNICO thanks Geisinger Wyoming Valley Medical Center for providing a skilled team of trainers and John Heinz Institute of Rehabilitative Medicine, which provided all the supplies that were needed for the players.

    UNICO thanks Talia Brogna who beautifully and professionally sang the national anthem. UNICO also congratulates Miss UNICO and members of her court who gracefully appeared during the pre-game festivities, making the event that much more special.

    UNICO congratulates coach John Henzes on being the first-year recipient of the Sponsors Award, coach George Curry on having the Most Valuable Player Award named permanently in his honor and Connor Sheloski of Crestwood High School for being this year’s Most Valuable Player recipient.

    Lastly, UNICO thanks all of the players who were selected to play in this year’s 65th UNICO All-Star Charitable Football Game and played with a great display of athleticism and sportsmanship.

    UNICO also thanks our two local newspapers, the Times Leader and the Citizens’ Voice, and their sportswriters, John Erzar and Steve Bennett, for the excellent coverage they gave to this year’s game and prior games. It is their objective professional coverage of the game and the events leading up to it that makes this annual All-Star Charitable Football Game the tradition it has become.

    William F. Anzalone

    Past president

    Wilkes-Barre Chapter of UNICO

    On behalf of the chapter’s officers and members

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